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Included Services

Container leasing:

For your shipping needs, we provide:

  • Dry Van/High Cube 20' or 40' containers
  • Open Top containers
  • Flat Rack containers

Trucking and Pick up:

As a transportation company we:

  • Pick up and deliver professional/commercial/industrial merchandise around the GTA and suburbs.
  • Truck your merchandise from your place of residence Or storage facility back to our warehouse for shipping to Guyana and various parts of the Caribbean.

Door to Door Delivery:

We provide delivery of barrels containing food and clothing to various parts of Guyana.

The cost for this service includes:

  • the pick up charges in Canada,
  • the delivery charges in Guyana,
  • the customs and duty charges
  • the agent's handling fee

Upon delivery in Guyana, the Consignee incurs no additional cost but simply signs that the barrel was received intact.